U2 is back: Presales, step by step

After their spectacular show in Barcelona last July, U2 returns this time to Madrid with 'Experience + Innocence Tour 2018'. If you want to get your tickets in advance, read on...

Give me my tickets

U2 returns to our country!!! And you may think … But did not they come recently? YES! 😜 Last July, but only in Barcelona 🙂 Now, it’s Madrid’s turn! It’s been more than 10 years since Bono shouted: “From Madrid to heaven!” to more than 55.000 souls who, on August 11th 2005, filled the Vicente Calderón Stadium. So we can not wait any longer to see them in the Spanish capital. And we have a date: September 20th 2018. ‘U2 Experience + Innocence Tour 2018’ stops being a rumor and becomes a dream come true.

Those of us who had the good luck to enjoy them at “The Joshua Tree Tour 2017” in Barcelona, we have to admit it: the concert flew by. Euphoria still lasts, but we want more, so if you want to be one of the first get your tickets for U2 in Madrid, this will be interesting for you:



Presales Fan Club, Presale Album and General Sale

We know that your heart, right now, goes a little faster. But do not panic. The race for your tickets can be intense, but the main thing you should know is how presales work.

There are TWO pre-sale periods and you can participate in both ONLY ONE time:

1). 1st PHASE – FAN CLUB: From 18/01 (Start: 10am) to 21/01 (End: 5pm).

2). 2nd PHASE – ALBUM PRESALE: From 22/01 (Start: 9am) to 24/01 (End: 5pm)

Therefore, this is the calendar that you must memorize because they start next Thursday, January 18:


Am I Experience or am I Innocence?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can only buy a maximum of 2 tickets per unique presale code:




From Thursday, January 18 at 10am until Saturday, January 20 at 5:00 p.m. this first pre-sale is directed exclusively to the Fan Club of U2, so it is necessary that you have registered in the Fan Club of to participate in it.

Within the Fan Club, you will be part of one of the two fan groups: ‘The eXPERIENCE Group’ or ‘The iNNOCENCE Group’. This division into groups, is what determines the order you will have to access the presale. Depending on how long you have subscribed, you belong to one group or another:


  • Pre-sale fans ‘The eXPERIENCE Group’: For fans with more time registered in the Fan Club (and who are currently subscribers, after the renewal of their membership) and paid subscriber fans since December 24th 2016 and who have maintained their subscription without interruptions. If you belong to the ‘The eXPERIENCE Group’, you will receive your code on the first day of the Presale (January 18th). This code can be used HERE to access the exclusive purchase of your tickets.
  • Pre-sale fans ‘The iNNOCENCE Group’: For fans who have recently joined the Fan Club or who updated their membership after December 25th 2016. If you belong to the ‘The iNNOCENCE Group’, you will receive your code on the second day of the Presale (January 19th). This code can be used HERE to access the exclusive purchase of your tickets.

REMEMBER ⚠ Depending on your membership in the Fan Club of U2, you will receive your code to access the purchase exclusively during a specific day. If you are ‘Experience’ you will receive it the first day after the activation of the sale (Thursday, January 18th) and if you are ‘Innocence’, you will receive it on January 19th.




From Monday, January 22nd at 9am until Wednesday January 24th at 5:00 p.m. this second pre-sale is aimed to fans who have previously purchased the U2 album, ‘Songs of Experience’ (2017). It is not necessary to be subscribed to the Fan Club of U2, only, you must have acquired the album. Once you receive your presale code, go HERE to validate it and get access to the purchase of your tickets in presale.




From Friday, January 26 at 10am. the general public sale does not require any code, so all the followers that want to buy tickets 🎫 will be able do it from our website.


  • Have your personal and bank documents at hand.
  • Do not refresh the page during the purchase process.
  • Minutes before you start the purchase, log in to your Ticketmaster account with your email and password. You will safe time.
  • Do not ‘copy and paste’ your personal data, write them manually to avoid ‘invisible characters’ or errors in the validation of the required fields.


Do you have more questions? You can check here all the categories of VIP tickets you have to choose from. Very soon, we will give more information about the rest of the kind of tickets 🎫. Write us on our Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram profiles and we will take away all those questions that hover in your head … We are waiting for you!