Interview with Dannic, of the Dutch electro-house school

Dannic is a Dutch DJ and producer, who is only 27 years old, positioned on the 30 position of the World Top 100 DJs published by the prestigious magazine DJ Mag on the year 2014. He is well known for his works in conjunction with Hardwell, Dyro and Sick Individuals, publishing most of his repertoire by Hardwell’s record label, ‘Revealed Recordings’.

In Ibiza he collaborates with Hardwell on his residency ‘Hardwell’s Carnival’ at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza. He is being very successful! He bets for an electro-house & progressive-house, from the Dutch electronic school style.

We’ve enjoyed you at Revealed and Hardwell’s Carnival this season at Ushuaïa. What do you enjoy the most about DJing in Ibiza?

The fact that every week is different, doesn’t matter if you’re every Tuesday or Monday or whatever, every week is different, with different crowds, different vibes.

The only thing that is the same is the weather, it’s always beautiful!

That makes it a really nice place to DJ. For example today I play a different set, a warm up set, maybe next week I play a headliner set, so that’s really interesting.

Is there any special memory about your performances in Ibiza?

Yes, a lot actually (laughs). For me the first time I played here was 2 – 2,5 years ago, and I was really nervous. It was one of my first bookings abroad and I just realized that the only thing I liked to play back in the days was summer vibes and house tunes and that was what I could play at that time because I had to warm up. For me it was a special moment, it was the first time I could play in front of a crown instead of in my bedroom.

Which collaboration with another artists has been the most significant for you and why?

Definitely Hardwell. First collaboration with him was in Kontiki back in 2012, and we just released our new tracks Survivors this year. That was basically the start for me and for my career.

What do you like the most about collaborating with Hardwell?

The fact that we’re on the same page. We started making music together like 10 years ago, and we just click. We have different sounds but still in the studio there’s always chemistry, and I think we already made like 11 tracks even though only release 2 of them. It’s just cool to be in the studio with someone that’s besides a good producer, also a good friend. We’re always honest to each other and it’s really helpful.

If you had to choose one artist to perform or collaborate with, who would it be and why?

I think that’s going to be John Legend, because I have all his albums, I love his stuff, I love his voice. I love Motown and funk music and he has that soul in his voice, I’d love to do something with him.

Do you have any new releases planned for the near future?

Yes, a lot actually. Right now I’m preparing my Tomorrowland set, we’re I’m going to premiere all the new tracks. I think I have 8 tracks finished right now, it’s a bit of everything like more clubs tracks but also festival tracks, so I can’t wait to release it.

Where did you perform for the first time? How did you feel?

As Dannic, that was in Azerbaijan, in a really small club all by myself. It was the first time I travelled that far and I was really nervous. But the crowd went nuts when I started my intro and then it all went good.

Which is your favourite place to perform? Where do you feel more comfortable and excited?

Difficult one! There are so many places I’ve visited all over the world that I love… I love playing in clubs, I think my sound fits a bit better there, I can start really groovie and end more big-room.

One of my favourite places is Ministry of Sound, in London, and obviously Ibiza every summer because this is where everything starts, the whole scene is listening to what’s happening here, and tells you what’s going to happen next year, what’s going to be popular.

When you’re touring, do you have time to visit the places, or is it just work, work, work?

I never have time, only once in a while we have some extra time or an extra day in the city and I love to see something in the city, because usually we only see airports and hotels.

Have you seen anything of Ibiza?

Yes, actually last year I rented a car and just drove around and saw something for the first time.

When you’re not performing, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love seeing my friends and just have a beer or do sports. I love mountain biking, I also like going to gym or just relaxing.

Where does your passion for the electronic music come from? Does Hardwell something to do with it?

Yes and no. My passion for music goes back to when I was 4, I was  listening to classical music from my grandfather.

First time I listened to electronic dance music was when I heard CDs from HedKandi, that was actually the first time I started mixing with house music.

And then Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman really caught my ear and that’s what really inspired me to become a DJ, especially with their flamingo sounds back in the days.

How did you meet Hardwell and your colleague Dyro who you usually play with, and when?

I met Hardwell 10 years ago in a local bar, and Dyro only 3-3,5 years ago at the Amsterdam Dance Event. We immediately clicked and went on tour together and worked a lot together.

Which is your favorite artist/DJ to see when you are not on stage? And which artist’s music do you enjoy listening to?

Right now I love Skrillex and Diplo, what they’re doing with Jack Ü, I think it’s very interesting to see all the sounds they’re combining. And watching DJs like Laidback Luke or Hardwell when they’re on stage, and they really go deep or technical, that’s what I love.

If you had to choose one of your records to play all of the time, which one would it be? Why?

One of my own? Probably Dear Life, because it has a good vibe to it and I think everybody can relate to the lyrics.

What would people be surprised to discover about you?

That I’m a really bad morning person (laughs). I just can’t get out of bed in the morning!

How would you describe the atmosphere of Ibiza – and Ushuaïa in particular – to anyone who hasn’t been before?

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, to experience and see this. Ushuaïa is one of the most interesting outdoor events, with a huge production, I think everybody will be blown away by the experience, not just the sound or the lighting, the whole experience is just great.

When you see people here, I always see smiles on their faces and everybody is really happy, it’s the whole Ibiza atmosphere, everybody is chilled, everybody is having a good time, that’s what I love about it.